Our services

Preventive maintenance

It is important to know the condition of your installation in order to minimise unexpected downtime on site.

After taking an inventory of your lifting systems and calculating the SWP, we will propose a “tailor-made” preventive maintenance contract designed specifically to improve the safety and productivity of your equipment.

We will take into account various parameters such as the intensity of use of your cranes, the operating environment and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The implementation of a preventive maintenance schedule reduces the risk of accidents and allows you to know the condition of your installations on a regular basis in order to take appropriate corrective action if necessary. This optimises safety and saves time, productivity and money.

Ohis also offers the possibility to mount safety bars (bluespots) on existing/new monorails, overhead cranes and jib cranes.

Breakdown &

Breakdowns can occur for all sorts of reasons: human error, lack of maintenance, wear and tear, etc.

Ohis is able to quickly repair your vehicle on site with an experienced technician. In addition, each intervention vehicle is equipped with the spare parts required for the most common repairs. You will receive a report after each intervention.

We also have a stock of standard parts in our workshop and direct access to the stocks of our partners, which enables us to help you in a relatively short time.

Retrofit & Revamping

Ohis will provide you with a tailor-made offer for the modernisation of your installations. This will not only allow you to benefit from improved efficiency while minimising the financial impact, but also to bring your installations up to the latest standards.

Retrofit: Modernising a lifting installation with current parts without the need to change the programming.

Revamping: Modernising a lifting installation with current parts by making the necessary programming changes.

Modernisation is a guarantee of :

  • Quality: updating of the programs used to the new standards, as the operator desk was missing some functionalities
  • Efficiency: time saving for the operators who will have the technological tools adapted to the evolution of the process
  • Cost-effectiveness: elimination of production stoppages in the event of breakdowns requiring less commonly available or more available spare parts.
    Security: replacement of outdated software with the latest updates in order to avoid data loss and to secure data / addition of prevention-security accessories such as Bluespots, etc.

Ohis is active in all sectors of activity, on all types of lifting equipment and works with a wide range of brands.